DJ Black Low

By admin • • 23 Feb 2022
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DJ Black Low


DJ – Pretoria, South Africa

DJ Black Low burst on the international scene in 2021 with Uwami, a collection of his early, downright avant-garde amapiano work. The young producer and DJ makes electronic music that sounds like nothing else: glitchy and fierce while smooth and soulful, all under the rubric of South Africa’s most-exported dance music movement to date. The Pretoria, South Africa-based artist has been djing extensively in his circle and around South Africa and plans to make his European debut this summer at Primavera. 

For DJ Black Low—real name Sam Radebe—there were initially few avenues available pursue a career in music. His trajectory shows the vulnerability of this pursuit. “I had started producing in 2013 and it so happened that I lost my equipment in 2014. I couldn’t afford to buy equipment. In 2017, a friend of mine who had been making music found a job and decided to quit music. He gave me his equipment and I was able to start producing again. That’s when I started getting back to it. I tried to pick up where I had left off, with hip hop and commercial house but I found that amapiano was the popular music. I liked it, so I started producing it.” 

DJing has gone hand in hand with the producer’s increasing musical activities. His recent mixes show his inimitable approach to South Africa’ fastest-growing genre, as he showcases the outer edges of what’s being produced among the younger, less commercial side of the movement. In the aftermath of his debut album, press and DJs all over the world supported DJ Black Low’s fresh approach to music-making and sound. With more music on the way and major DJ appearances in the works, there is much to look forward to at the moment for the recent graduate.

“This is essential listening from a 20 year-old star.”—Resident Advisor Best Tracks of 2021

Uwami keeps an adventurous spirit at its core and pushes far beyond genre conventions in the process.”—The Vinyl Factory 10 Favorite Releases of the Week

“A producer with a fully realized voice.”—Bandcamp Best Albums of Winter 2021 

“The hard hitting beats of the electronic percussions make the songs seem like they’re out of this planet.”—AfroPop Worldwide 

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