Black Boxx

By admin • • 30 May 2014

Black Boxx 2

In 2012 the concept project, ‘Black Boxx’ was launched by Scott Ferguson. The main purpose being to refocus on simple, yet effective, loop based music created for dance-floors using machines. 3 Hardware boxes, 6 Eps, 1 LP, and a live show combined, bring the ‘Black Boxx’ project into existence.

The live show is comprised of the following hardware:

*Ensoniq ASR-X This sampler is known for bass heavy and warm digital to analogue converters, heavy low/high pass filters, and DP2 effects.

*Akai MPC1000 As with any of the Akai MPC series, the 1000 is a stable super sequencer in a smaller lighter travel size package. When it comes to functionality as a sequencer the MPC is one of the best ever created.

*Ladyada x0xb0x This emulator mimics the original Roland TB-303, it of course, is not a TB-303 but it does serve a purpose and it serves that purpose well. Squelchy or low frequency bass lines across a 16 step sequencer.

*Mackie 1604 This is a 16 line channel mixer used for fading, panning, AUX send/receive, mutes, and solos. All audio in the live show gets passed through this analogue mixer.