Eric Maltz

By admin • • 13 Oct 2017

                                                                                   Photo by Michael Sieber

Live Act  – New York, Berlin
(Flower Myth, Novel Sound, Possible Futures)

Eric Maltz is an upcoming producer from New York City and now based in Berlin. Firmly established in the scene after playing the Berlin Atonal festival, Eric is steadily releasing 12”s on his own live electronics focused imprint, Flower Myth.

Since his debut “NS-17” ep on the famed Novel Sound label, it’s been clear that his sound purposely avoids easy pigeonholing, operating within the confines of house and dubbed-out techno with a sound that suggests everything but. Shades of ambient, new wave and rock reveal Maltz to be an accomplished instrumentalist, with an ear for the eclectic that reveals his past working in Halcyon Records.

Soundcloud | Website

Live @ Berlin Atonal in Globus/Tresor
iDj interview

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