By admin • • 18 Mar 2014

A DJ with more than 15 years experience, and a record collection to match, Jitterbug first fell for the rugged sounds of Chicago in the mid 90s, buying up scores of Gemini, Relief Records, Dance Mania and Prescription. This led to a fascination with the lineage of black dance music, tracing things back through the legendary nightclubs and DJ’s. This respect and continued learning process is reflected in his diverse, 100% vinyl sets, taking in everything from Chicago House and Detroit Techno, lost Synth-Pop gems, vintage Disco, out-there rhythm trax, and the occasional Dub Reggae set. His ethos as a DJ is to blend styles, tempos and genres, joining the dots between eras, using a highly American-influenced, quick-fire mixing style.

Recording music on a small hardware set up, and increasingly using a 100% live approach to sequencing, he has recorded 4 EP’s for Lerato Khathi’s Uzuri imprint, as well as featuring on V/A Vol.2, on XDB’s Metrolux Music. His collaboration project with Scott Ferguson, JBSF, has now completed its second EP for Ferguson’s Ferris Park label.


DJ Mix 1 | DJ Mix 2

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