Juju & Jordash

By Lerato • • 29 Jan 2009

(Dekmantel , Golf Channel ) Live & Dj – Amsterdam – Holland + Berlin – Germany

About Juju & Jordash

Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski, known professionally as Juju & Jordash, are internationally acclaimed musicians, prolific producers and performing artists who have been active as a duo for over a decade. Aner, an Israeli-born trained jazz guitarist, and Czamanski, a US-born piano and keyboard player, found one another during the mid-90s in Haifa, Israel. Back then they would meet up at weekly jazz jam sessions, each playing in and composing for various jazz and experimental combos in Israel. Around that time, the two had also begun experimenting with synthesizers and drum machines, aiming to create a unique blend of electronic dance music.

Fast-forward about 10 years and the two had relocated to the Netherlands, where they found they could better develop their musical careers and reach wider audiences. Aner graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Music from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, majoring in music production. Czamanski, also a solo recording artist, completed the Audio Technology diploma course at the SAE Institute for multimedia and audio education in Amsterdam. Degrees notwithstanding, the two decided to commit all their free time to work in the studio, further exploring electronic music composition and production.

Juju & Jordash’s first record as a duo, The Hush EP, was released in 2004 on the Detroit- based label Psychostasia. It received much critical acclaim, praised for its innovative fusion of jazz and organic elements with electronic dance music. The release paved the way for an ongoing series of successes. The duo have since published four full-length albums and numerous EPs and remixes on various well-respected international labels.

Their productions have attracted ever-increasing interest and support around the world from fans, DJs and music journalists, alike. In 2009, Juju & Jordash were signed to the Amsterdam-based record label and event company Dekmantel. The release of their second album, the self-titled Juju & Jordash, marked the start of a long-lasting cooperation with Dekmantel, today one of Europe’s leading forces in electronic dance music. Juju & Jordash perform as regular headliners at Dekmantel events, including large-scale concerts in the Netherlands and other European countries. Most notable is the Dekmantel Festival, held in Amsterdam for the last three years and currently regarded as one of Europe’s best electronic music festivals, with over 12,000 people in attendance. Techno Primitivism, Juju & Jordash’s third album, released on Dekmantel in 2012, and Clean-Cut, their latest Dekmantel album offering, from 2014, sealed their status as leading producers in the electronic music scene. Both albums harnessed praise and favorable reviews from some of the world’s major music journalism outlets, such as Pitchfork, Spin, Resident Advisor and Groove Magazine. Both releases continue to be played by a wide variety of club and radio DJs, and receive airplay on stations, such as BBC Radio 1(UK), WNYU Radio (US), 3FM (Netherlands), Flux FM (Germany), CKUW FM (Canada), 2SER-FM (Australia), Livingroom FM (Switzerland) and InterFM (Japan).

Aside from their work on Dekmantel releases, Juju & Jordash have released dozens of tracks and remixes. Their music and productions have found homes around the world, including on the esteemed record labels Golf Channel (US), Aesthetic Audio (US), Future Times (US), Rush Hour (Netherlands), Real Soon (UK), Philpot (Germany), Uzuri (Germany), Compost (Germany), Ostgut Ton (Germany), Cisco (Japan), Downbeat (Spain), Apartment (Ireland) and Firecracker (Scotland). Their productions have also been featured on CD compilations from leading music magazines such as Mixmag and Groove.

Juju & Jordash’s music is distributed worldwide both in physical formats (vinyl, CDs) and digital formats (including on iTunes and Beatport). It is available for purchase in countless music shops and all the major online outlets.

Aner and Czamanski’s success as recording artists and producers has brought much attention to Juju & Jordash’s music and growing demand for their live performances. The duo’s unique live shows have been highly regarded for their musicality and versatility. The performances are applauded for their distinctive style of improvisation and always evolving sound experience. The duo regularly headline events in Europe’s most established venues for electronic dance music, as well as many popular festivals in Europe and beyond. They tour extensively for weekly club performances and have also showcased their sound in several ambient performances, film soundtracks and multimedia projects.

Some of Juju & Jordash’s most memorable performances have been at world-renowned establishments, such as Fabric (London), Berghain/Panorama Bar (Berlin), Robert Johnson (Frankfurt), Melkweg (Amsterdam), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Concrete (Paris), La Machine (Paris), Fuse (Brussels), Lux (Lisbon). They have played big stages at reputable festivals, such as Mutek (Montreal), Amsterdam Dance Event (Amsterdam), Pitch Festival (Amsterdam), Dancity (Foligno, Italy), Nacht Digital (Dresden), Electron (Geneva), Dimensions (Pula, Croatia), Freerotation (Hay-on-Wye, Wales), Love Fest (Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia), Off Sonar (Barcelona) and the aforementioned Dekmantel Festival (Amsterdam). Two of their live performances were filmed and published on Boiler Room, one of the world’s most popular online music platforms.

For the last four years, Juju & Jordash have been collaborating regularly with legendary German producer and DJ David Moufang, known professionally as Move D. Moufang has been a leading figure in electronic music for the last 25 years and is a very popular DJ worldwide. Together, the three formed Magic Mountain High, which quickly excelled into an exciting, highly in-demand performing group. Following successful shows at festivals and clubs around Europe, in Canada and Japan, the trio released a live album on the acclaimed German label Workshop, as well as three other EPs, one of which was released on Czamanski’s own record label, Off Minor.

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