Mx Blouse

By admin • • 17 Jul 2019

mx blousePhoto by Brett von Dort

Live Act – Johannesburg, South Africa

Mx Blouse is a South African artist based in Johannesburg. Inspired by 90s kwaito music, Mx Blouse also draws inspiration from genres as varied as hip-hop, electro, deep house, grime and jazz. The artist’s critically acclaimed singles Is’phukphuku and No Match as well as a feature on frequent collaborator Thor Rixon’s Khahlela have garnered attention from Highsnobiety, OkayAfrica, Kaltblut and more.
 Active since 2016, Mx Blouse has performed at some key music festivals in South Africa, including Oppikoppi, Smoking Dragon and Basha Uhuru. In 2017, they toured Germany, playing in Berlin, Leipzig and Nuremberg. They are currently working on their EP, and remain commited to further exploring how kwaito can be preserved, and taken forward, into the future.

No Match (2019) | Khahlela (2019) | Is’phukphuku (2018)

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